Thymos was founded in January 2013 to help advance the energy industry in terms of management and efficiency. A select group of professionals decided to invest in knowledge, a key driver for the modernization of the electricity sector and for developing electricity and natural gas markets, based on free competition, and with the capacity to make the domestic economy more dynamic and leverage the country’s economic growth.

Today, Thymos offers end-to-end solutions ranging from generation and transmission to distribution, marketing and consumption, and also advises investors looking for opportunities in these segments. Our team supported the negotiation of an average of over 6,000 MW in short, medium and long term purchase agreements in 2018 and managed an average of more than 2,000 MW for large industrial consumers.

With a solid structure, Thymos Energia can offer the market its main services – energy consulting, energy management, research and development – with seriousness and competence. Carefully researched studies, high quality technical projects, reports and market analyses are some of hallmarks that paved our way to success, not to mention the great connections between the team and the various different agencies and entities operating in the sector.

The energy sector still has a long way to go and faces great challenges. In view of the new scenarios that are emerging, technical studies, research and analysis, projections and forecasting of trends will be become even more important for agents, investors and society. Whenever you need us, the Thymos team of professionals will be here, ready to support you and contribute to the industry’s future.