Thymos excels in producing reports, market analyses, studies and projections based on high quality information. Data and statistics are translated into knowledge to support decision-making by public and private agents. Diligence and thoroughness are values that mark the careers of our officers and guide the development of our projects.



The technical qualifications of our professionals are backed by knowledge acquired over decades of experience in the energy sector and through strong relationship with various agents, such as the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME), the Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency (ANEEL) , the National Electricity System Operator (ONS), the Brazilian Energy Research Company (EPE), the Brazilian Energy Trading Chamber (CCEE), associations, generation companies, transmission companies, investors, concessionaires, financial institutions and consumers, whether public or private.



Our team brings together experts who studied at top universities, with graduate degrees obtained in Brazil and abroad, and all with experience in researching and producing knowledge on the energy sector. Their contributions are found in papers, essays and articles published by technical journals and in books. Sharing knowledge is our raison d’être, which explains why many of our professionals contribute to the development of new talent through lectures, courses and volunteer work.



We value intelligence, acumen, sensitivity, the ability to innovate and finding creative answers to complex problems involving the energy sector. That is why we formed a talented and dynamic team that is driven to anticipate trends and offer custom alternatives to a wide array of needs.